Chris Brown Accused Of Online Harassment


Chris Brown‘s life dances that very, very thin line between real life and totally made-up, fictional show of some kind. For instance, he beats up on the biggest pop stars of the day and then nothing happens. He does super crazy things and gets involved in crazy celebrity news stories but somehow it is never THAT interesting to really turn into a TV show.

Like for instance this time. Apparently, a lady called Danielle Patti was arrested for trespassing at Brown’s house some time ago. According to her, she was not trespassing and the two were actually dating at the time. She also says she was acquitted.

Now, she is filing for a temporary restraining order on Brown because he is, once again according to her, making her life a living hell on social media, telling her he would be okay with her dying, among other things. According to some sources, the judge granted the restraining order. This feels like one of those celeb stories that will never stop giving.

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