Subway Icon Jared Fogle Gets His Face Punched In


We were hardly the only ones to be disgusted with the whole Jared Fogle kiddy-fiddling celebrity news thing last year when it was discovered Subway’s most famous spokesperson ever was a total pedo and frequenter of child prostitute services. Luckily for everyone (apart from him, of course), he was convicted and sentenced to more than 15 years.

He ended up in a low security facility in Colorado and since then, we have heard nothing about him. Well, we are hearing about him today because he got his faced punched into a mush by a guy called Steven Nigg who also happens to be 60!

Mr. Nigg approached Fogle in the prison rec yard, pushed him to the ground and then punched him in the face over and over and over again. Fogle was not the only one to suffer injuries as Mr. Nigg reportedly suffered a cut on his hand from smacking Fogle around.

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