Knife Buried On O.J. Simpson’s Estate Contains No DNA Matches


The latest celebrity gossip news has it that the officials investigating the knife found buried on O.J. Simpson’s former LA estate have been unsuccessful in linking it to the killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman.

Investigators were examining the knife for DNA or other material that could possibly link the weapon to the 1994 murders, but DNA testing produced no matches. The reason for this, according to a police source, is that the microbes in the soil have made it impossible to get a useful sample.

While the LAPD have not officially released the results of the tests (they are not expected until next month), a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation told the press that the detectives doubt the knife is connected to the killings. The official said that the knife found is a type commonly used by gardeners and is too small to have caused the wounds that killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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