Depp Disturbed By Head-Shaving Stunt In China


Actor Johnny Depp was visiting China to promote his new movie Transcendence only to find himself very disturbed by young boys with the film’s title shaved into their heads when they were introduced to him.

However, he admits he enjoys his eastern adventure, during which he visited an artist colony formed in an abandoned bomb factory and thus became one of the first westerners to ever visit this thriving place. But he just couldn’t get the picture of the boys out of his mind.

He told WENN, “On the whole, I found a real warmth in the people there. They were very sweet and welcoming. It was quite a turn-out that we had and a lot of strange things went down that I’d rather not talk about ever again in my life.”

There were these four little quadruplet Chinese boys dressed in kind of priest outfits, and Transcendence comes out to (is written with) four Chinese characters (sic). Well, they’d shaved those characters onto those little boys’ heads to bring them out on stage with me.”

“I’m pretty shy, so I tend to run when that kind of thing happens. Little boys with their heads shaved into the name of the film; that scares me a little.”

The movie Transcendence will show in 2D, 3D, Imax and Dmax on an still unspecified number of screens in the world’s number two movie market. China will be the only country where the film will be screened in 3D.

He also said he would be very happy to come back to China for the launch of Shanghai’s Disney attraction, which is expected to feature a major Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

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