Disney Star Jake T. Austin Is Dating His Biggest Twitter Fan


For all you diehard fangirls that dream of hooking up with your favorite famous guy, here’s some good news. Apparently, Disney star Jake T. Austin is dating one of his biggest fans, a girl that’s been tweeting him for years.

The former star of “The Fosters” posted a photograph of himself with 22-year-old Danielle Ceasar, saying that he’s crazy for her. Some of Ceasar’s tweets from a few years ago also resurfaced, one of them saying:

“I wanna meet @JakeTAustin so badly” and “…is it bad that I wanna kiss you right now?”

It seems that her wish came true, after all. According to Austin, he’s perfectly cool with dating a fan, saying that they’re just young and having fun and that the circumstances of meeting your significant other don’t really matter, as long as you manage to “click.”

It’s great to see someone famous this open-minded about love.

I’m crazy for her. ?

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