Sarah Palin Thinks Obama Is The Reason Her Drunk Son Got Arrested


Sarah Palin has been on a roll recently, supporting the equally ridiculous Donald Trump in his efforts to become the Republican candidate at the next presidential elections. At a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sarah had the nerve to blame President Barack Obama for the arrest of her son.

In case you missed this little nugget from the Palin Family Tales, her son Track (did he ever really stand a chance with such a name?) got arrested in Wasilla, Alaska for hitting his girlfriend, resisting arrest and whole lot more. Believe it or not, he was drunk at the time.

According to Sarah, however, the reason he did what he did is that he is suffering from PTSD and that Obama’s administration is ignoring the needs of the veterans. Even the vet organizations came forward to say that this is pure nonsense.

Like she cares.

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