Drake Professes Love For Rihanna In NYC


When are Rihanna and Drake going to make it official already?

The two have been teasing a relationship for some time now. Drake isn’t being very shy about it at all. In fact, he pretty much told everyone at his concert at Madison Square Garden that he “has love for Rihanna.”

The two have been rumored as a couple a few times over the last several years. And it would make sense, they are both very popular celebrities who have collaborated many times in the studio and run with the same group of people.

But for some reason, they still don’t want to make it official. However, none of this is stopping Drake from gushing over RiRi. When she came on stage to perform a show with him five days before the New York City gig, he basically said that he wants to make babies with her.

We’re going to have to wait a little longer to find out if their relationship is the real deal, but so far, all signs are pointing to “yes.”

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