Rapper Tyga Could Be Headed To Jail


It looks like rapper Tyga isn’t too good with money and needs to find himself a financial adviser quickly.

Tyga owes the landlord of his former Malibu digs $480,000, after the landowner won a judgment against the rapper, who was chronically late on his rent while living there.

There was a court date set on Tuesday so that the landlord’s legal team could get to the bottom of why Tyga has yet to pay the judgment, but the rapper didn’t show.

The landlord’s legal team wanted to know how Tyga was able to buy his celebrity girlfriend Kylie Jenner a new $200,000 car for her birthday, but can’t pay the judgment to their client?

It seems that Tyga is pretty over his head financially. He’s even currently renting out a mansion that is costing him $46,000 a month.

After failing to appear in court, the judge ordered a bench warrant for Tyga’s arrest, so the rapper better stay away from the cops if he wants to stay out of jail.

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