The Rock And Vin Diesel Are Beefing On Furious 8 Set


People who are on set at the filming of the new “Fast & Furious 8” movie are saying that Vin Diesel and DwayneThe RockJohnson are not really enjoying working with each other.

Apparently, they have been beefing for a while and there has been tension between them on set for the last few months. If you follow The Rock on Instagram, then you know that he recently made a post in which he thanked everyone working on the movie for being so cool and professional, but then singled out some of the male cast for being the opposite.

Many believe that that was a diss that was being aimed at Diesel. Johnson is apparently angry that Diesel is showing up late to meetings and filming. The funny thing is that Diesel is angry at The Rock for exactly the same thing!

Diesel, who is a veteran of the popular movie franchise, is angry that The Rock is not taking the filming seriously enough and that he is acting like a diva and showing up late to work all of the time.

Hopefully they’ll make up soon and get back to filming this movie, because everyone wants to see it. Remember, Diesel promised us that it’s going to be the best movie ever

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