Drunken Video Proves Jessica Simpson Can Still Party


Jessica Simpson might not be in the spotlight that much anymore, but when she goes out and has a wild night, the cameras still notice. Even though she is enjoying motherhood more these days than she is singing or acting, Simpson still knows how to get down.

She was seen checking into the Warwick nightclub in Hollywood this weekend, and by the looks of it, she had a lot to drink even before she got to the club. Maybe she isn’t cashing the big checks that she used to cash, so the pop singer had to pre-game before going out in order to cut the costs.

She was even caught getting some greasy grub while out in order to soak up the alcohol and keep her going through the night.

She was taken to the club by Eric Johnson, and it’s a good thing that she had someone with her, because she was finding it very hard to walk straight while entering and leaving the establishment.

We must note, however, that Simpson has lost a lot of weight and she looks great. Of course, she is now a Weight Watchers promoter, so there’s really no excuse for not looking great. The video is hilarious, and she is noticeably drunk when trying to field questions from reporters. She really isn’t making a lot of sense at all.

And as for the food, she didn’t have to make a trip to a fast food joint on her own. Instead, she sent her driver out to get her some nice, greasy Jack in the Box while she was in the club so that she would have a nice big burger waiting for her afterwards.

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