Johnny Football Just Can’t Stop Partying


When coming out of college as a top NFL prospect, a lot of people were worried about the fact that Johnny Manziel likes to party. This is probably why he fell all the way down the draft and the Cleveland Browns were able to get him late in the first round.

While Johnny claims that he is completely focused on learning the new system and becoming a starting quarterback for the Browns, there are videos and photos that might prove otherwise. Manziel still loves to party.

Even though OTAs (organized team activities) are already underway, it seems that Johnny Football is more interested in hanging out at pool parties with hot chicks than he is in learning the play book. He was caught at a party in Austin and in the company of some very good looking women in bikinis. Johnny went to a lounge and restaurant in Austin that has a pool on the rooftop. The Texas boy doesn’t look like he really enjoys staying in Cleveland over the weekend, and would rather go back home and party.

After the pool party, he went to check out the NBA finals game in San Antonio.

Manziel looks like he’s having a blast, but all of the fans in Cleveland are witnessing exactly what they feared would happen. Coaches have already said that Manziel is currently not in the running to start the season as the starting quarterback, and it looks like his non-stop party life might keep him on the bench unless he changes his ways.

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