VIDEO: Watch How Rihanna’s Infamous Gown Was Made


We have all seen what bad girl Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards. That see-through gown got her banned on However, it was nothing short of a piece of art.

We say it was a piece of art as it took many hours to encrust those crystals on it, any many hands with tweezers, for that matter. And after all that hard work, they banned it.

Not only bosses, but the world had some pretty divided stances on it. “The naughty outfit left nothing to the imagination,” wrote one publication, also adding that “one wonders what Anna Wintour [another show guest and the editor of US Vogue] thought” of the attire.

Rude girl Rihanna is trend-setter, but let’s not copy this one girls,” wrote another.

Adam Selman, the singer’s costume designer and longtime collaborator, posted a video to of the making process. He wrote, “Detail of my incredible team at work with @official_swarovski and @rupaulsdragrace led by the true queen @meetingsmagazine #glamazon.

However, few British papers and their online counterparts went as far as to boycott the image and not publish it, taking the ‘moral high ground’.

Whether they agree with the sexy statement or not, Riri succeeded in shocking everyone. Knowing her, it is probably exactly what she wanted.

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