Justin Bieber Get Baptized To Rid Himself of Racism


In the latest of many recent scandals surrounding pop star Justin Bieber lately, video footage leaked of the star telling a very racist joke at the age of 15. He has made public apologies, saying that he was young and stupid at the time. However, that didn’t seem to be enough for Bieber.

In this time of need and conflict, Bieber turned to the bible and his religion for help. According to sources close to the singer, Bieber took on some type of intensive Bible study session with a pastor over the last several weeks.

Once the Bible study session was complete, Bieber was apparently re-baptized in New York. Apparently, Bieber was not able to get to a real church and get baptized, because his cover was constantly getting blown and he couldn’t find a way to keep the ceremony public. So in the end, he decided that getting baptized in his bath tub would simply have to do.

Critics are not sure if Biebs has really turned to his religion in order to make up for some of the errors he has made recently, or if this is simply a promotional gag in order to restore his good image. Bieber is fully aware of the fact that it is easy to get forgiveness from a deity than from fans that feel that you have turned your back on them.

Bieber is praying that he gets to retain his young fans that are slowly getting turned off by his recent bad boy image, and hopefully gain some older fans in the process.

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