Judge: Chris Brown Doing Well Since Jail Release


The Grammy-winning R&B singer Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court Wednesday for a progress report.  Apparently, he has been doing well since his release from jail in June.

Judge James Brandlin reduced his drug test requirement from three to two times a week and said he’s been in compliance with his probation officer and cooperating with his therapist.

The probation department asked that his community labor requirement be increased from three days a week to four, but the judge denied the request.

Brown was on probation after he attacked his then-girlfriend Rihanna, but was jailed from mid-March until early June for violating his probation – he got into an altercation outside a Washington DC hotel last year.

In July, Brown also admitted he was completely wasted during a BET after party. Although his friends had to carry him out, he said he had only had ‘several shots’.

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