Katy Perry Is One Step Closer To Buying Her Dream House


Pop sensation Katy Perry really wants to buy an eight-acre property in Los Angeles, but has been having some issues over who has the right to sell it. However, it looks like she is getting closer to making the purchase a reality. The “Roar” singer wants to buy a convent, located on a beautiful hilltop with a fabulous view of downtown Los Angeles.

But the nuns running the convent were not interested in selling it to her. The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary wanted to sell it to Dana Hollister, a famed celebrity restauranteur. According to reports, Hollister wanted to turn the property into a luxury hotel.

However, an L.A. court just ruled that the nuns don’t have the right to decide, and that it is up to the archdiocese. The plan to sell the property to Hollister has now been void and it looks like the archbishop of the convent is going to be able to sell it to Perry, who is willing to give $14.5 million for it.

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