Pregnant Megan Fox Still Determined To Divorce Brian Austin Green


As we have already reported, TMNT2 star Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child. What you didn’t know was the identity of the baby’s father, though you’ll be disappointed to learn it, is her soon-to-be ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

Though fans expected Megan to show the world her new boyfriend, rumors are unfortunately true. A source close to Fox and Green said that the pregnancy was definitely not planned, adding that it ‘just kind of happened.’ Since the two have been rather close recently, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, they are already parents to two young sons. However, what might come as a shock is the fact that Megan doesn’t plan on reconciling with Green. She is determined to divorce her failed celebrity hubby, even though she will have to pay him child support. This pregnancy is certainly good news for him, as he’ll receive more money that he thought.

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