Former Beatle Ringo Starr Doesn’t Want To Play In North Carolina


Ringo Starr, one of the members of the legendary British band the Beatles, has joined several fellow musicians and artists boycotting North Carolina to express their opinion on the state’s new anti-LGBT law. The new law, which was brought less than a month ago, invalidated other efforts that protected members of the LGBT community.

It also demands that people use public toilets in accordance with the sex written on their birth certificates. The singer and drummer was scheduled to play at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Carey in June, but decided to cancel the show, stating that ‘we need to take a stand against this hatred.’

On the other hand, some celebrities believe that boycotts won’t help their cause. That’s why Cyndi Lauper has made up her mind to turn her concert into ‘an entire day to build public support’ to change the discriminatory law, which is also known as HB2. She’ll donate all the profits from her performance to Equality North Carolina’s attempts to repeal the law.

Bruce Springsteen also canceled his show ‘to fight against prejudice and bigotry.’ A number of companies have also condemned the new law, including PayPal, Apple, and Facebook.

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