Miley Cyrus Dismisses False Tabloid Reports


Miley Cyrus has finally found some time to dismiss several rumors that appeared during her Bangerz tour.

She rejected reports suggesting an intimate friendship with troubled singer Justin Bieber, and speculations about possible talks of her starring in the upcoming TV musical Peter Pan.

Recently, a source revealed that Cyrus is hoping to get the dream role of Tinkerbell in the live TV series Peter Pan later this year, but she was quick to post a Star magazine article saying, “I would rather choke on my own tongue.” If you ask us, she’d be a great Tinkerbell.

The next rumor Cyrus was forced to deal with was the one started after a Life & Style article published an image of her hanging out with Bieber at Pharrell William’s birthday party.

The reports suggested Selena Gomez was sure the couple was seeing each other secretly while she was still in a relationship with the singer.

However, Miley wrote, “Btw (by the way) this (photo) is photoshopped. Biebs wasn’t at Pharrell’s (Williams) bday (birthday) party.” adding “I never read this s**t & that’s why.

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