Lorde And Taylor Swift Spend The Weekend Together


Paparazzi had their hands full of work this weekend after Lorde and Taylor Swift appeared on the beach in Malibu together over the weekend.

In addition, the couple continued their weekend together by shopping and chatting. Probably gossiping.

The pair has already been spotted together after they became mates last year, but it seems they took their friendship a step further last weekend when Swift agreed to spend a day out on the beach with the break-out New Zealand star.

Swift posted a photograph of the barefoot stars on her Instagram page, captioning it, “Bare feet in the sand on Saturday.” Previously the two girls were spotted walking along the sand at Paradise Cove.

It seems the new best pals couldn’t continue the weekend without each other so they decided to spend Sunday together shopping in Brentwood, and providing the paparazzi with a lot of interesting shots.

In a recent interview, Lorde said, “The cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music. I think that last record [Red] in particular, everyone was, like, ‘Woah, a lot of ground has been covered.’ And I think with an artist like her the sky is the limit.

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