Miley Cyrus Marrying Liam Hemsworth In Australia!


Miley Cyrus has made our jaws drop numerous times, and while the ”Wrecking Ball” video is still carved deeply into our brains, the young performer took center stage again this week thanks to the news that she is getting married to Liam Hemsworth this summer.

The Mirror reports that the two have been virtually inseparable since they got back together in March this year. Their relationship started way back in 2009, when they were both green and unfit for the whole “till death do us part” thing, but they stayed together until 2013, when they called it quits. There were even rumors that the breakup broke Miley and pushed her into an avalanche of scandalous behavior.

Now, three years later, while Liam’s career is gaining speed, the couple found their way back to each other and this time, it’s for good. The ceremony and reception will be organized in Australia, and it will happen soon, though no date has been specified. Both Miley and Liam’s parents have given their blessings and are taking care of most of the wedding details.

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