Video Of Justin Bieber’s Fight Goes Viral


Justin Bieber should know that he shouldn’t be picking fights. First of all, it’s terrible for his image, which he has worked so hard to clean up over the last year or so.

Another reason for not picking fights is that Bieber isn’t particularly big. Sure, he works out, but you wouldn’t really be afraid of the pop singer if you saw him in the street.

Another thing that Bieber shouldn’t do is pick fights with guys who are 6’5” and weight double what he does. Yet that’s exactly what he did.

He picked a fight with a mamoth of a man – Lamont Richmond, who was talking to Bieber with two of his female friends. After a bit of a discussion,Richmond asked if they could get pictures and an autograph.

Bieber said they couldn’t, and called Richmond a “mother******.” He then proceeded to take a swing at the man. Check out the video at TMZ if you want. Bieber didn’t really have a chance. The guy was just too big.

Luckily, his security guards were there to get him out in time. The bad new is that Richmond is going to be suing.

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