Rihanna Might Have Lied About The Reason For Missing The Grammys


We have to admit that we bought the whole “strained vocal chords, severe bronchitis” story or whatever it was that was supposed to explain why Rihanna didn’t perform at the Grammys. We were even worried about her. We thought about perhaps sending her a basket or something, wishing her a speedy recovery. No really, we like her and we were really scared that her health might be compromised.

Today, we are finding out that her absence from the Grammys was nothing but a giant celebrity diva move, in the worst sense of the word.

This is something unnamed sources for the TMZ are saying, claiming that Rihanna was perfectly healthy and that the reason she didn’t perform at the Grammys was that she got angry at the organizers during the pre-show rehearsals. She got so mad and hysterical that she couldn’t even be bothered to attend the party.

That’s what you get for not being cynical.

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