Sia Joins Carpool Karaoke, Explains Face-Covering Wigs


Singer Sia was the latest celebrity to join James Corden on “Carpool Karaoke” and the star gave one of the most interesting interviews we’ve seen on the show in a while. And of course, she sang her butt off as well. She performed hits like “Chandelier” and “Alien” with Corden.

She even showed Corden how to tighten his vocal chords just right to get that signature Sia sound for the “Elastic Heart” chorus.

Moving on from the song, Sia began to talk about aliens and how she believes in them. She said that she saw a YouTube video of a Canadian politician saying that he knows that the US government cooperates with six different alien races, adding that he was the “Minister of Defense,” and not just “some guy on YouTube.”

She also talked about why she wears her signature wigs over her eyes. Sia said that it’s all about adding mystery to the package, which is something pop music today is missing.

Even Corden donned a matching wig for the occasion. Check out the full clip below.

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