Sarah Palin As A TV Judge Might Actually Work


It isn’t easy being a TV producer. You have all that coke to inhale, all those hair products to abuse, all those valets to scream at and all those prostitutes to accidentally run over. And on top of all that, you have to come up with a great idea every decade or so.

Larry Lyttle had such a great idea some 20 years ago that he hand’t had to move a finger since. Namely, he came up with the idea for Judge Judy, a show where a judge would preside over a televised court, cause controversy and become a celebrity in her own right.

These days, we are hearing about his next big project, a rip-off of Judge Judy that would involve none other than Sarah Palin. Yes, the gun-toting, Alaska-ruling, word-inventing, porn-inspiring Sarah Palin. As a judge.

This sounds like a stupid idea that has snowball’s chance in hell to work, but when you think about it, it might actually be the next great TV idea. Wouldn’t you want to tune in and listen to the ravings of a complete lunatic pretending to be a judge (because, you know, she isn’t really a judge)? We know we would.

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