Someone Sabotaged Beyoncé’s New Album?


A photograph revealed yesterday featured what it looks like the “release confirmation” of another top-secret Beyoncé album, Beyoncé Volume 2, an addendum to the epic fifth album that surprised us last December.

So, is “Is this real?” Without a statement from Beyoncé, we can only speculate. Are heads rolling over at Beyoncé’s company, Parkwood Entertainment? Or is this actually just good marketing?

However, there is one fishy aspect to this, which is the date. As you can see, the digital release date on iTunes is Friday, November 14, and the physical album is set to drop on Monday, November 25.

It turns out that November 25 is actually Tuesday, so this could be just some faker who is not very good with dates.

But, a couple of facts around this story make it seem totally possible. The letterhead with the accurate-looking Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records logos is one. Well, that could be faked too. But, we are allowed to hope.

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