Taylor Swift Is Handling Her Breakup Fabulously


Taylor Swift is definitely one of the celebrities that has had her love life in the spotlight since day one, thanks to the menagerie of famous boyfriends and often messy breakups. However, her latest ex, Calvin Harris left things on good terms with Swift.

A couple of weeks ago, Swift and Harris officially broke up after dating for over a year and a half. Naturally, rumors and gossip instantaneously started spreading about why they split up. The ex-couple put an end to it by tweeting that although the relationship is over, the mutual love and respect remain. This is an unusually calm breakup, completely unlike Swift’s reputation, and now she’s licking her wounds and preparing for the summer.

Swift said in a recent interview that she realized that she’s now in complete control of her life, which is quite liberating and exciting, so she’s spending her days working out and going out. She’s also preparing for a big summer vacation and is looking forward to being single for a while, which will be a nice change for her.

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