Truck Driver Says No Way Is Tracy Morgan In Financial Trouble


Kevin Roper was the man driving the Wal-Mart truck that crashed into the limo that was carrying Tracy Morgan and his friends.

One of the comedian’s friends died in the accident and Morgan’s own recovery from the injuries he sustained is not going so well.

Roper is facing charges of vehicular homicide and assault, as well as civil case against him for negligence. Morgan insists on the negligence claim because he is counting on the money he will get out of it, saying he is having financial difficulties now that he can’t work.

Roper, on the other hand, wants the civil case to be put on hold until the criminal case is resolved and adds that he doesn’t buy into Morgan’s financial difficulties.

He says that there is no way Morgan is having money problems since the night of the crash he was in a limo, so he must have money, or, at least, more money than him, who is just a poor truck driver.

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