VMAs Trifecta Part 1: Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj Make Up


The 2015 VMAs were so wild that we will dedicate this entire day to the craziest stuff that happened this weekend. And while the majority of the stuff was somewhat “controversial” and “negative”, we also got to see two major pop stars of the day patch things up.

We’re talking about Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. In case you don’t remember or you spent the summer on a deserted tropical island somewhere, Taylor and Nicki started something of a beef on Twitter over the nominations.

Come the awards, all of this seemed to be a thing of the past as Taylor joined Nicki on stage during the opening performance by the famous rapper. The two of them later performed Taylor’s “Bad Blood” together, definitely putting an end to the short-lived dispute.

About that performance though ?? // Regram: @mtvnews (?: Getty)

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