Why Are Kylie Jenner And Blac Chyna Taking Selfies Together?


No one is really sure what is going on with Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna right now, but everyone is paying attention. Both celebrities posted pictures on social media of themselves taking selfies in the mirror with one another and acting like best buddies.

Wait a minute. Aren’t they supposed to be mortal enemies? Remember, Chyna‘s ex is Jenner‘s current love interest – rapper Tyga. On top of that, Chynais currently dating Jenner’s brother Rob Kardashian.

We all just assumed that they really hated each other.

Maybe they were just playing with us the whole time. Or maybe they have really reconciled their differences and are not hanging out.

It’s not entirely impossible. Chyna is very important to Jenner‘s brother Rob. So it’s not unlikely that she has decided to make peace with Chyna for her brother’s sake.

Maybe they are just trolling us. Or have they been trolling us all along. Look at these selfies and decide for yourself.

Kylie in Blac Chyna's snapchat (blacchynala)

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